Military Dog Tags

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Military Dog Tags
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Here is your chance to get genuine military dog tags printed, on a vintage dog tag press circa ~1965. The US Military prints last name on line one, first name on line two, social security number on line three (not recommended for civilians), blood type one line four, and religious preference on line five.

You can put whatever you want on them. You have 5 lines and 15 characters per line (a space counts as a character), everything is in capitals. You can use A-Z, 0-9, period(.), apostrophe('), comma(,), ampersand(&) and dash(-), they all count as a character.

A lot of people use them for luggage id tags, medical conditions, and pet id tags. $9.99 per set. Rubber silencers are pictured but NOT included in this price. They are available for an additional $1.99 per set (select your color below).

These are made to order, and non-refundable unless there is an error on our part.  Once you order, they are yours, please double check your spelling and word choice!!!