Holden, Maine

Interstate Concealed Carry (Utah non-resident)


  • January 1/12/2022 6-10pm


  • March   3/15/2022 6-10pm



  • April   4/?/2022



  • May  5/?/2022


  • June 6/?/2022


  • September 9/?/2022


  • November 11/?/2022


COURSE GOAL: When combined with your MAINE RESIDENT PERMIT TO CARRY A CONCEALED FIREARM the UTAH non-resident permit is recognized in 35 states. This class will give you the knowledge and skills needed to safely carry a concealed firearm.

PREREQUISITE: Must have a concealed carry permit from your state of residence or be ready to get it.

REQUIREMENTS: Cost of the class is $100. We include Fingerprinting service with the class, so there is no need to seek that elsewhere. This course does not include live fire.

There is an additional application fee of $63.25 paid directly to Utah with the application and 1 passport size photo must be supplied.


  • The basic rules of firearm safety
  • Holster options and gear considerations
  • Utah law pertaining to the justification of lethal force
  • Creating and utilizing an efficient work space
  • Ammunition knowledge and safety
  • Clearing malfunctions
  • Handgun parts and operation
  • Fundamentals of shooting a handgun

Participants must call more than 1 week before class to reschedule.
You are allowed one reschedule.
The class is non-refundable.
*Payment is due upon reservation*