Holden, Maine

Interstate Concealed Carry (Utah non-resident)

  • January
  • March

COURSE GOAL: When combined with your MAINE RESIDENT PERMIT TO CARRY A CONCEALED FIREARM the UTAH non-resident permit is recognized in 35 states. This class will give you the knowledge and skills needed to safely carry a concealed firearm.

PREREQUISITE: Must have a concealed carry permit from your state of residence.

REQUIREMENTS: Cost of the class is $100. We Include Fingerprinting service with the class, so there is no need to seek that elsewhere. This course does not include live fire. However, if you choose to bring your firearm you may for demonstration purposes only. For safety reasons, please UNLOAD YOUR FIREARM BEFORE ENTERING THE BUILDING.

There is an additional application fee of $67 paid directly to Utah with the application and 1 passport size photo must be supplied.


  • The basic rules of firearm safety
  • Holster options and gear considerations
  • Utah law pertaining to the justification of lethal force
  • Creating and utilizing an efficient work space
  • Ammunition knowledge and safety
  • Clearing malfunctions
  • Handgun parts and operation
  • Fundamentals of shooting a handgun

Participants must call more than 1 week before class to reschedule.
You are allowed one reschedule.
The class is non-refundable.
*Payment is due upon reservation*