Conibear Mounting Bracket 1

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Conibear Mounting Bracket 1
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For #110/#120 sized body grip traps. The Coni-Mount is a metal braket that is used to hold Conibear type traps. Coni-Mounts are made of steel and have three holes located down the center to permit fast, easy fastening. It is used by first nailing it to a limb, log, tree, board or stake where you want to local the trap. Then, set the trap in the normal manner except let the jaws close onto the Coni-Mount. The trap is then held solidly in position until it is sprung. It can not tip, slide sideways, fall over or be knocked over. This is a low cost, long life, highly effective device that will enable you to set more traps in the exact position you want them in less time.